R4R8 – Recce @ Kolhapur


R4R8 – Recce @ Kolhapur

We met with RC Kolhapur Sunrise in Kolhapur, which also serves as the office for DG Rtn. Nasir. They have offered to host a dinner and fellowship meeting during our stay in Kolhapur.
Following our meeting, we visited the renowned Mahalakshmi Temple and had the Goddess’s Darshan. Afterward, we returned to the hotel to celebrate the birthday of our Secretary, Rtn. Nagarjun, on the midnight of 1st September.
During our ride, we will have a scenic route as we ride through the Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary on our way from Kolhapur to Goa.


“Ride for Rotary” a TRF fund raising project which is a motorcycle ride event across 4 Rotary Districts in India in which the participants will experience Indian heritage, culture and hospitality along with exchange of Rotary views and fellowship.



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