We provide Royal Enfield Motorcycle.

We shall take care of fuel.

We will provide all riding gears including helmet, jacket, knee guards and arm guards. Additional gears must be adjusted by participants.

Yes. There will be well-maintained accommodations for the stay.

There will be a back support vehicle to carry the luggage.

There will be a hotel stay with good amenities.

The entire ride will be on tarmac roads and Traffic will be moderate.

Single occupancy rooms.

Two T-Shirts will be provided to each participants.

No. Insurance should be handled by the rider himself. However, all the vehicles are insured.

There will be a team of doctors and para-medical staff through-out the journey to meet the healthcare needs.

There will be a team of expert mechanics specialized in the repair and service of Royal Enfield motorbikes.

Variety of delicacies with specialities of respective region will be served.

The Ride for ROTARY-3 will cover 14 clubs.

One latest flag is enough for the exchange.

There are Pit stops in distance of every 50 kilometers.

Total riding distance is 1585 km.